Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Creative Makeup

I have figured out what I love so much about Halloween. It's not the parties, or the trick or treat kids or the spookiness.
It's transforming myself into someone else.
And for me the most exciting bit of the whole costume, is the makeup.

Doing makeup for a Halloween event is basically like creating a painting on your face. Watching yourself transform as you apply colours and lines to your face is hugely satisfying.

But stage makeup is a real art form. I am but a mere amateur when you look at those who have studied it.

Here is the amazing Mirjana Kika Milosevic's spring in a box toy makeup.

And another - because she is so good - The Copse Bride.

And here's some of the Prosethetic work by Amazing School Jur.

But makeup isn't just for Halloween or movies. It's also got more serious applications, helping to support governments and protecting us from terrorism. 

Yep, I'm not kidding. It's an important part of undercover operations by the CIA.

Also how cool is the job title Former Chief of Disguise? The coolest!

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Blood is normal.

I always hated tampon and sanitary towel adverts. All those rollerskating women. Why was it strange to be able to roller-skate when you were bleeding? It never occurred to me that it would be a problem.

But the thing that annoyed me the most was why was period blood always blue? Who would we be offending if it was the colour it really was: pink, bright red,  dark red, sometimes rusty brown, but never blue. Surely we wouldn't be upsetting women. We see our own blood every month, we're made of stronger stuff.

So it must be for men. Adverts for women written with men in mind.

I longed to write a TV advert that featured red blood.

And now there is one.

And seeing it made me cry.

These are real periods. Ones that make you feel hormonal and cry easily for no good reason and knot your tummy in pain. Ones that come with the relief of knowing you're not pregnant. Ones where you have to stick your sanitary pad up your jumper to carry it surreptitiously to the loos. Period sex with the less squeamish of your boyfriends. Real stuff. It touched a chord.

After watching it I feel more proud to be a woman. I'm not sure why. But perhaps its like finding acceptance to something that you've hidden because the world suggested it was dirty. 

But it's not dirty. 

It's normal. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

No fat may pass!

Hey, long time no see. So long in fact that my domain got cancelled and I didn't even notice. I am a bad blogger. I can only plead an insane work load.

But I did, whilst on the hunt for a Cannes winning idea, come across this brilliant ad by McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok for a slimming pill that I wanted to share.