Thursday, 25 April 2013

The evolution of music

This sung journey through the ages is really clever and also really fun to listen to. The group are called Pentatonix and they from Texas (just thought you might want to know). Anyway enjoy.

Thank you to my friend Lele for this video.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Beautiful lies

So we all tell lies. 
Well Dailydishonesty at makes them beautiful. 
Here I've picked the ones which feature the lies I told in the last three months. Probably shouldn't admit to this really...

I came across these because I was looking for a typographical style to paint something that was said to me recently by a lovely friend. He said: "for what it's worth, I think you're a super hero wonder star. With rainbows and unicorns attached!" I am going to paint those words on a canvas and put them by my door to remind myself every day.

Tippex and Basement Jaxx

In the world of computers you forget that other people out there in schools and the suchlike are using Tippex. Ahhh Tippex - my books were adorned with the stuff - mainly because I couldn't spell.

So here is another brilliant online Tippex experience for you to enjoy. You have to open it in Youtube for it to work. And try a good few diff years - so funny. I got back to the Romans.

Hunter and Bear's birthday Party

What else have I been sent recently? Well I was also sent this very cool Basement Jaxx video. It's trippy man.

No there is no link between these two things in case you are wondering...apart from they both have an "x" in. Yeh see what I did there??

30 years old life crisis

Hi guys

I've been away for a while having a 30 years old crisis. Someone pointed out I'm rather young to be having a mid life crisis - so I guess this is more like a 1/3 life crisis.

So what have I done so far as a 30 year old? Well I learnt to drive for one. Then I broke up with my perfectly lovely boyfriend (yes I am insane), signed up to work at Glastonbury (my first time - I don't really do camping) and did some other things that it's best not to mention. One involves finding out someone I loved is actually a wanker. So that was very sad. The latest 1/3 life crisis thing I have done is spend £245 on a pair of shoes. They are REALLY nice. In two weeks I might buy myself a car. Then I will be unstoppable! All I can say is stay away from the roads in Swansea and London!

So here I am, a single, 30 year old driver who sleeps in tents. Craziness.