Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How to play the DIY shop game

When I was little my even littler sister and I used to spend a lot of time traipsing around DIY shops, garden centers and furniture warehouses following our parents. Rather than get bored we made up games which could only be played in these situations. In DIY stores we played the Millionaire mansion game. We were both millionaires kitting out our amazing homes. We would first decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms we would have in our mansion and then we had to buy everything - from doors, to floor tiles, to baths, to lamps. We would keep a rough track on the amount we had spent as we walked around B&Q putting things in our imaginary giant trolleys.

I still like to play this game - what would I buy for my house if money were no object (maybe some day someone will give me a job where I can actually do this!).

Here is what I would put in my millionaire's mansion:


I would have a massive mirror in my hallway and keep it light and bright - a really nice welcoming place with:

Squirrel and Dove wallpaper -

Open plan kitchen and living space (with massive windows)

Virgo Bookshelf by Libertys London:,--Driade/22949

Squint Simpson couch: from £4400.

Squinet Wing chair: £2800.

CONCETTA china set by Habitat:
cup- £8

Rag Rug Libertys.,--Liberty-Oriental-Carpets/35066

Downstairs bathroom

This would be a bathroom to impress and also, perhaps to entertain:

The new Seaside from Italian Spa maestros Teuco.

Neo wallpaper -

Utility room:
SUch a small space needs to be light and uncluttered and clean - but something fun would go well here:

lovebirds vinyl -


There are two bedrooms in my mansion and also a study. Modest? Yes, but they'd be amazing with en-suit mini-bathrooms.

Brodsworth bed by

The Churchill

Huge built in wardrobes by IKEA:

Bedroom Garland shade by Habitat:

6 ft. Tall Flower Blossom Room Divider
$129.00 at

Trunk with Cranes Design
$399.00 at '

Estelle Wallpaper -



Filigrain Sky drop Pendant by Libertys.,--Driade/22949


Fairytales grey:

Garden Giant Buddah - to calm me and make me feel at one with the world.


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