Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why Eddie Izzard Supports the Labour Party

Election fever is well and truly here and I feel like I am far more concerned than in the last general Election. The stakes are higher and the choices are bigger. I grew up as a Labour party supporter. I went on rallies and demos, knocked on doors, folded leaflets and canvassed opinion all for the Labour Party. I even learnt songs about politicians as if they were nursery rhymes - "He's rich, he's slime, he's Michael Heseltine, Kick him outtt, kick him outttt". But now it feels less clear. I don't like Gordon Brown and Labour have made stupid mistakes. The country is not in great shape but unlike the Tories, I wouldn't say it was broken. And I couldn't vote Tory...I just couldn't. My mother would turn in her grave. But one thing is clear. I like Eddie Izzard. I love Eddie. If he were to run as an MP I would vote for him. OMG! I just had a great thought - imagine if Eddie ran against Boris for Mayor of London? OMG! That would be the best thing ever. Everyone would be interested - everyone would watch the parliamentary debates. It would be immense! And Eddie would win!

So with that in mind here is Eddie Izzard in his 'making of a Party Political Broadcast" video. Love it:

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