Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Proud of Britney?

Yes I am proud of Britney Spears for allowing unairbrushed pictures to appear alongside airbrushed ones. Brave and inspirational.

I am fed up of looking at the skin of celebrities - all glowing golden and flawless and then looking at my own skin complete with stretchmarks, mottled bits, veins, lines and pores and feeling depressed. But I am not the strange one. That's what women really look like. That is also why I have embraced the communal changing rooms of the gym. It is, as my friend recently pointed out to me, the only time women can really see other women's bodies - real ones. When I first joined the gym I was shocked to see women changing out of their clothes in front of me - right down to their birthday suits. I would shyly hide under a towel or turn away. I saw women with strange rashes, women with scars, women with dimpled fatty thighs and then I saw myself in the way that I really should have seen myself - as pretty ok. My body is actually pretty good. Now I shun the tiny changing room in the corner and change in my own time in front of everyone. And, when I have children, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna bring them to the gym so they too can see women's bodies as they really are, not as they are in magazines.


Anne Marie Price said...

Great blog and yes...something you learn as you get older..37 here and I have had many illusions of what my body and others should look like until I started taking notice. I have daughters..point out all the time in mags. what is real and what is not. Hope they remember and never walk around feeling they are not as good when they actually are. ;)

Welshaims said...

Thanks Annie. And good work. You sound like a great mother.