Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sim City nostalgia

When I was in school my Godfather Paul worked for apple. So he had the coolest computers I'd ever seen. In my house we had a BBC computer. This is what it looked like:

My Godfather used to bring his black and white laptops with him and let me play with the drawing programmes on it. Later he also let me play the very early versions of Maxis's Sim City. I was amazed. Then, for my birthday one year he actually gave me my very own colour Mac desktop computer and a little computer desk to go with it. The first thing I did was to get Sim City 2000. Paul and I called each other with tips and tricks. I love to cheat. Over the years I moved up to Sim City 3000 and then recently got Sim City 4 which I hated. I had forgotten what Sim City 2000 actually looked like - so when I stumbled across this youtube clip it really took me back - the music - the annoying pipe flow problems.

Sim City 3000 was a lot slicker but as far as I remember didn't have the brilliant 'fixer' games of Sim City 2000. I loved getting a city with lots of derelict buildings and turning it around or fighting fires in a town with no fire stations. And what happened to the space age buildings? Those huge things from Sim City 2000. Loved those.

Now I have Sim City Societies or something and it's shit. SHIT! What happened???? It's just like the Sims. So much better in 2.

Oh and aren't our generation always harping on about what computers were like when they were young? Suppose we don't have a world war to harp on about.

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Justine said...

loved sim city, the best bit was giving up and ruining a city. could never get the hang of the traffic..