Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Poodles in disguise

Dun dun dun da dum
Dun dun dun da dum
Poodles in disguise
Dun dun dun da dum
Dun dun dun da dum
Poodles in disguise.

Animal photographer Ren Netherland, from Florida clips and colours poodles to look like other animals, and even people!
Enjoy. They made me giggle.

Friday, 21 August 2009

My augmented reality wish granted?

If you read my earlier post on Augmented reality you'd have seen that I wanted a augmented reality Top Shop. Here is an application that goes some way towards making it a reality.

Lewis Hamilton as a taxi driver

Dare and Ignite have created a clever campaign to promote Vodaphone's sponsorship of Formula One - a racing game featuring ten real-life cabbies competing in five UK cities that allows players to track their performance via real-time mapping and Twitter updates.
Online activity included a viral film featuring Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen with a cameo by actor Shaun Williamson (aka Barry from Eastenders). Here it is

I think the viral goes on a bit. But I suppose if you've paid for Lewis Hamilton then you're gonna drag it out. The idea of Lewis as a taxi driver is a good one and Barry from Eastenders obviously missed his vocation in life as a taxi operator. But I wonder if they could have made the race funnier? Laying traps for each other? tricking each other? I think there was more scope.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Chanel Haute Couture Porn

I can never hope to own any Haute Couture but it is so wonderful and gorgeous you can just look at it like a work of art in a gallery. So here is a selection of my favorite pictures from Karl Lagerfeld's Fall 2009/2010 show. The show was held at dusk in the Grand Palais. Chanel have done a series of amazing sets for their shows and this one does not disappoint with giant white Chanel No.5 bottles. The plain white was needed because the show is so colourful and detailed and there is so much to see that you'd probably get a headache if it was any other colour.

Key points of the collection were: lace (esp. lacy tights), sequins, embroidery, netted hats and strange gloves.

Half vail/ half flower pot hats.

Chanel wouldn't be Chanel if there wasn't some delicious suit action. This collection saw tails, cut away jackets and asymmetrical hems.

'What happened to half your glove?' Gloves.

Lovely details and lots of circular patterns.

Tanning is out people! (Amy Winehouse eyes - in!)

Rapunzel Ponytails and long earrings.

Here comes the wedding couple. Not sure why she's so pissed off (wrong man maybe - he does look like a tosser).

And here's some more highlights. I want all of them.

Thanks to "If it's Hip it's here" for the pictures. Visit the blog for more pictures and a more serious fashion view of the collection.

So sweet it made me a bit teary

Guardian photographer Christian Sinibaldi spent time with the people who use Age Concern's Camden headquarters. Here are some pictures from his exhibition, "I can see into your eyes". You can catch it at the Guardian's Kings Cross offices until 4th Set. Follow the link to see a slide show of the pictures of the people he met and what their ideas of real glamour are. It's heart warming stuff. It makes me tear up. But I am a sap.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Hot guys take their shirts off

Hooked by the title? Well take a look at this new piece of advertising by Addidas.
You simply pick which men you want to strip for you and they do it. What's not to like? Well I suppose there's lots to not like if you're a bloke and get jealous easily. I always like to see advertising for sports brands aimed at women. And Gay men, lets not forget them too.

Oscar Wilde's Dorian Grey

Now here is a film I am very excited about. Not only does it look gorgeous and feature one of my favourite actors - the heart tremblingly sexy-cute Colin Firth (aka Mr Darcy), it is also, and more importantly, one of the brilliant works of Oscar Wilde. I adore Oscar Wilde and have done since our glorious reading week in the first year of my English course. The task was to read his entire works and I almost managed it. Granted I may have skimmed some of his verses but hey. A girl needs booze as well as literary delights. And just in case Colin Firth doesn't rock your world Ben Barnes is pretty cute as Dorian too.

Anyway here is the teaser trailer for you to enjoy. Like me.

Dorian Gray Official UK Trailer from Momentum Digital on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Moon

Ok I know there are a lot of Twilight fans out there. So here's the trailer for the new film. I have no idea what really happens in this film because I have not read the book. I have seen the film of Twilight and enjoyed it. My boyfriend groaned (not in a good way) all the way through, "Oh look there's another shot of Edward looking moody". "Oh yeh there he is looking pretty again". "Oh look there's Bella looking tortured". I, myself, was enjoying looking at Robert Pattinson doing his model contract acting so I took no notice. He's just so pretty, and there's something Mr Darcy-ish about the way he looks at Bella. I didn't give a hoot if the characterization is flawed.

When I read the book however there was no Robert Pattinson to look at and the flaws were more evident. The writer is not the most gifted at capturing characters movements. She uses the word "smirked" a lot to describe Edward which makes him a little irritating, something I don't know if she really intended. Bella tends to get unreasonably angry very quickly, like Edward which seems, again like poor characterization. But the love story is compelling enough to allow you to gloss over the imperfections and enjoy anyway. So, despite my reservations, I will be renting this film. I will wait until boyfriend is out and call up the girlies for a perving over Edward session.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sleepless at Playground.

A really successful and cheap initiative to raise awareness and drive online sales for Playground, a hiking and camping equipment company.

Go Harriet

I thought I'd post a link to this little article in the guardian about Harriet Harmon's comment that men are to blame for the economic crisis. It makes me smile to see this woman standing up and slapping those men down. Ha! Well done girl. Long may she remain in government (or until Brown gets kicked out).

Monday, 3 August 2009

Renault Rabbits

Publicis have created a really cute website for Renault where Rabbit scientists test the car and show off it's attributes.
I am a sucker for cute ads, especially ones involving animals (or cartoon renderings). It's in French but you still get the idea.

Check out the website here:

Fantastic Mr Fox

One of my favourite Roald Dahl books is being brought to the big screen by Wes Andersen and Noah Baumbach.It will be hitting screens in London in October (the US in Nov). Have a look at the trailer and tell me what you think. Personally I am not as excited as I should be. It's been thoroughly Hollywood-ised. I couldn't pick out much of the original book from the trailer. It has an all star cast including Bill Murray and George Clooney. Who cares though? Surely in an animation it doesn't really matter. In the early Disney Movies no one gave a shit. I would have preferred someone like Nick Park, of Wallace and Gromit to give us an understated interpretation.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Apology to my naughty Little sister

I thought that my naughty little sister had taken my speakers (meaning when I go home I couldn't listen to Spotify - fate worse than death!) but i was wrong. It was our scatterbrained dad who packed them up with all my kitchen stuff. So I'm sorry. I have learnt, I hope, not to jump to conclusions and to remain calm. Sorry little sister. You were actually being a good little sister. I love you.