Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Moon

Ok I know there are a lot of Twilight fans out there. So here's the trailer for the new film. I have no idea what really happens in this film because I have not read the book. I have seen the film of Twilight and enjoyed it. My boyfriend groaned (not in a good way) all the way through, "Oh look there's another shot of Edward looking moody". "Oh yeh there he is looking pretty again". "Oh look there's Bella looking tortured". I, myself, was enjoying looking at Robert Pattinson doing his model contract acting so I took no notice. He's just so pretty, and there's something Mr Darcy-ish about the way he looks at Bella. I didn't give a hoot if the characterization is flawed.

When I read the book however there was no Robert Pattinson to look at and the flaws were more evident. The writer is not the most gifted at capturing characters movements. She uses the word "smirked" a lot to describe Edward which makes him a little irritating, something I don't know if she really intended. Bella tends to get unreasonably angry very quickly, like Edward which seems, again like poor characterization. But the love story is compelling enough to allow you to gloss over the imperfections and enjoy anyway. So, despite my reservations, I will be renting this film. I will wait until boyfriend is out and call up the girlies for a perving over Edward session.

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