Friday, 14 August 2009

Hot guys take their shirts off

Hooked by the title? Well take a look at this new piece of advertising by Addidas.
You simply pick which men you want to strip for you and they do it. What's not to like? Well I suppose there's lots to not like if you're a bloke and get jealous easily. I always like to see advertising for sports brands aimed at women. And Gay men, lets not forget them too.


Marina M. said...

I'm not gonna lie...I did got hooked by the title !!! lol

But, how does this thing works ? I tried, and nothing happened...:D I most be doing something wrong ^^

Welshaims said...

Miss M. Yikes you poor thing. Deprived of hot man chest! Did you click "launch site"? I just tried the link again and it worked for me. said...

Oh wow... oh wow

Marina M. said...

Ok...I'm such a noob ! Saw it now, thanks !

It needs slow motion and body oil ! :))

3 hurrays to the objectification of men !! lol