Thursday, 31 March 2011

Revealed!!! The truth about Barbie's home life!!!!!

STOP THE PRESS!! Barbie is a psychopath! And we have the pictures to prove it. Taken by undercover photographer Mariel Clayton these photos show the depraved bloody reality of Barbie's life - her alcoholism, her excess and worst of all, how she decapitates men and women and stores her victim's heads in her bathroom.

It turns out that while Barbie spends her day posing as a vet, a ballet dancer, and a princess, by night she is scouring the streets and luring men back with promises of sexual favours only to murder them. She often even drinks their blood. How Mariel Clayton escaped her clutches I don't know!
Also Barbie has a rather nice house with two spacious bathrooms. Well I guess she's probably made of money.

Adidas 3d experience - projection

Adidas France - 3D Mapping Projection from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

I'd love to have seen this event in person - a brilliantly immersive 3D projection for Adidas France by The TCH Access Agency.(at least I think it's by them?)

Escape machine

Escape Machines - Surprise from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

How cute is the woman in the wooly hat who wants to go to England!? Anyway this is a nice silly idea very well executed by DDB Paris for the French travel company Voyages SNCF.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Microsoft parody

Every now and then brands like to put out a "vision of the future" advert. These adverts don't advertise anything that the brand has actually made, but merely make imaginative speculations about what could happen and then try to claim that's what their companies are all about. So recently Microsoft made one. "Look", they said, "we aren't trying to match Apple. No, No, No. We are trying to shape a completely new word." Silly sausages. Here's a very good spoof of their ad.
(Oh and Thomas thanks for the link...thieving again)

Angry Birds - THE MOVIE!!!

So I have a confession to make. I'm posting stuff that Thomas, my work friend, is sending me. Guilty! But they are too good not to share. So here is the Trailer for Angry Birds the movie. Hilarious stuff.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Suck don't smoke.

Love these adverts for Chupachups Lollies - compared to cigarettes they are the healthy option. These ads say student portfolio to me. But that's not a bad thing. It's actually that you can see the strategy and the ad is very pure in it's execution. Its the kind of ad you see in the best student books - ads that haven't been contaminated by budget or complicated product point which the client wants to address. So yes, I like. I wish it was mine.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Blink Vintage

My friend and once-creative partner Liz Moss has set up a gorgeous new website called Blink Vintage to sell her brilliant vintage finds. Here's what she says about her website:

"Blink Vintage is Liz Moss. An avid collector of all things pretty and pre loved. Hoping to one day have a house of her own to fill with vintage delights but for now her little flat in South London is bulging at the seams. So what better way to continue to feed her passion than to share her finds with others. Blink Vintage is born."

So have a gander and buy someone lucky something unique as a gift. Liz will also act as your personal Vintage spotter so if you don't have time to find something gorgeous just tell her what you want and let her do all the hard work for you.

I particularly love the way she has taken old photographs and transformed them into gift cards. Such a unique idea.

Here's just one of the gorgeous Vintage items she has for sale.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Famous people wot I av seen

Ok I admit it, I'm bored. This is what happens when you pin down copy too far in advance of a meeting.

So, while I wait I'd thought I'd amuse myself in writing a list of all the famous people my other have spotted/met over the years. And yes, I want to hear your spottings too. And no, it doesn't count if you paid to see them or saw them on any kind of stage.

1. Prince Harry and Chelsea Davie - Elbowed past them in Selfridges, realised who they were, then stalked them into the naughty underwear section where they giggles at nipple tassels.

2. Jerry Springer - getting in his car in Florida. He has a nice car. In fact I was looking at the car and that's why I spotted him.

3. The entire cast of Goodness Gracious me, the Kumars etc - went to a charity party and they were all there - maybe I broke my own rule by including them as they did kinda go on a stage and we did kinda pay for tickets but Mira Syal did come say hi.

4. Rupert Penry-Jones - spent a few days doing voice overs with him. He's pretty cute - very tall and quite muscly. But he was always a bit sweaty as he motorbikes around.

4. Colin Salmon - This was two days recording Voice overs. He was in Spooks too by the way, and No. 1 Ladies detective agency

5. Jason Isaacs - Him wot was evil in Harry Potter. He didn't have the blonde wig and was almost unrecognisable apart from the very blue eyes - Voice overs again. Nice guy.

6. David Walliams - He was coming out of Claridges -so tall!!

7. Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda from Sex and the City) - she was coming out of the Ivy's club/hotel thingie and getting in a car. I stared a lot so she glared at me and I stopped. She was in London for the premier of sex and the City 2. Her hair was really blonde.

8. Darius - Again - really tall! He let me go in front of him at the gates on the tube. Now don't judge me too harshly but he was pretty hot in the flesh.

9. Jimmi Carr - walking around near Bond Street. He clocked us clocking him so we tried to play it cool.

10. Boris Johnson - other half spotted him pretending to be a tramp walking about in South London. He smiled at my fiance in a "oh dear you clocked me dressed even more tramp like than usual" kinda way.

11. Paul Nicholls - Hanging around chatting in Soho. No he wasn't wearing that green jumper with the holes that he wore in Eastenders. In fact lets make this an Eastenders section so I don't have to list them all separately. I sat next to Scott Maslen (aka Jack Branning) in a sushi restaurant in Soho. He wasn't as cute in the flesh. Guy who plays Phil Mitchell in a pub in Falmouth - he owns a club down there. He was even redder in real life than he is on the telly.

12. Sophie from Peep Show - in Soho...nothing interesting to say about this really - but I do love peep Show. Soho is the number one place to spot minor celebs it seems!

13. Cameron Diaz and A Rod - My fiance spotted them at the luggage carousel at Heathrow. Apparently she was hot, but in a really weird fake way - like her face had had surgery. He didn't know what A Rod looked like so he only realised it was him later.

14. Lilly Allen with Keith Allen - saw them when Lilly was a little girl and Keith was buying her some toys in Hamleys. I only recognised him as the guy from those tooth fairy adverts.

Guest blog posts...lets begin!

Hello all. I think it would be fun to do a bit of a blog swap - I'll guest blog for someone else and they can do it for me. Now since I am a person with an advertising centric blog the guest blogger should be someone creative. You could be in the same industry, or in something related like marketing or media, or simply have your own craft blog or write poems about pandas...or something else...fridge freezers perhaps.

If you are interested in guest blogging for me, or me guest blogging for you, please let me know. It's a great way to gain a few more followers and it will be fun too.

The most beautiful books

If I was judging a competition to find the most beautiful book covers then I think that Coralie Bickford-Smith’s Penguin designs would win. With their beautiful patterns that look a bit like very expensive wallpaper the covers give a subtle hint at some of the themes of the book.

"The cover is there to serve the content, so the content has to be taken into consideration. How and to what extent the content is represented on the cover varies of course – sometimes it will be quite literal, other times more oblique, or even just a suggestion of mood and tone.” ~ Coralie Bickford-Smith

Dorian Grey's peacock design reflects the idea of vanity.

Great Expectations's chandeliers suggest the trappings of wealth which Pip falls for when he moves into society leaving Joe behind. Also the beauty and allure of Estella.

Tess's cover suggest the rural setting of the book and the hard farm work, as well as earthy natural beauty.

Fitzgerald's books were written in the 20's and contained themes associated with the era of decadence and flapper societies- reflected in the art deco designs.

Thanks to Brain Pickings for these pictures:
Read more:

Friday, 11 March 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

5 x 15 - Talks

My work colleague Jane is attending a speaking event where they have 5 respected figures each allowed to speak on any subject for 15 minutes. The speakers are journalists, television presenters, writers's Janet Street Porter doing a hesitant and slightly scared but still funny piece on her uses for shower caps. Enjoy.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Alpha, Bravo story

My colleagues are putting on an art show soon and they asked me to write some stories for it. The theme is the alphabet and their angle was the phonetic alphabet - you know: alpha, bravo, charlie etc - the thing you say on the phone when someone doesn't understand your Welsh accent. Anyway the challenge was to write an extremely short story - no more that 150 words using all of the words in the phonetic alphabet once. Here are 2 of mine:

Victor Bravo had been champion Tango dancer. He had also danced the Foxtrot in an Oscar winning movie. Those were the good years. He’d played golf with Mike Tyson, dined on kilos of caviar and romanced rich yankee women with names like Sierra and Delta. But, it was hotel gigs that kept him going. India, Quebec, Lima: he’d danced the world and tried every style, even Zulu! But then he met rich Juliett November. She swept him up in her purfume calling him her “Romeo” and threw out his sparkly uniforms. His love made him her pet, her echo and she could see through him like an x-ray. Her Papa, Charlie contantly belittled him for not being an alpha man. That’s why Victor Bravo had taken to hiding whisky bottles around their home.

Juliette had only known Romeo three days, 2 hours and 37 minutes. But she had dreamt of him since last November. He was an echo in her mind, dancing the tango, the foxtrot with her in the exotic India hotel. And when she finally met him, a Yankee smart in his uniform drinking whiskey with Victor and Mike, she felt as if he saw into her soul, like an x-ray. Born in Delta, Colarado, he had spent that last 5 years in Quebec, Lima and the Sierra mountains and a little place called Papa in Somoa, leading his group. He was a real alpha male, as fierce as a Zulu warrior, yet funny. On their first date they watched a Charlie Chaplin video, she nicknamed him Johnny Bravo and he confessed he played golf merely because he thought he should. They talked about Oscar Wilde and ate a kilo of ice cream. It was then she asked him to marry her.

Fancy a go? I'd love to read other people's so if you do please post them on your blogs and link them here - or just comment them. Thanks!

Cats with THUMBS!

Lovely advert for Cravendale. I was a big fan of the last stop frame animation Cravendale campaign, but this is great too! Apart from the animation at the very end when they walk through the door that is. Over done egg.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Books not Bullets

Untold Stories is a short animation which is part of a new campaign, Books Not Bullets. The campaign seeks to highlight the plight of child soldiers. Books Not Bullets is the brainchild of a group of Kirklees teenagers after they heard firsthand tales of genocide survivors. Its a sweet film with a very naive drawing style influenced by the work of the pupils. Take a look and tell me you're not moved.