Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Underwater photography by Phoebe Rudomino

Pinterest is the source for much of my discovery these days. I carefully choose who I follow and end up with a constant feed of beautiful pictures. One such was a Pin from the Saatchi Gallery of a gorgeous underwater image by Phoebe Rudomino. As well as creating a portfolio of personal projects she has worked documenting TV show and film underwater scenes - including, weirdly, Little Britain. She works from Pinewood Studios underwater stage and is, of course, a brilliant diver.

Here are some of her stunning images.

The Saatchi Gallery photo - taken on a Johnson and Johnson commercial. 

From Plastic Soup - an exhibition exploring marine pollution. 

Little Britain. 

Basic Instinct 2

The Quays

See more of Phoebe's work here:

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