Monday, 11 June 2012

Clouds beautiful daydreams

Today's theme send around in the creative department has been clouds. First we have Berndnaut Smilde who uses fog machines and careful controlling of temperature and humidity to create little clouds in empty rooms which he then photographs. Here are the beautiful results:

Creating weather is a bit like playing God. Not in a bad way it's just awe inspiring. If you'd like to see the clouds being created watch the video below. The artist speaks in Dutch so if that means nothing to you (like me) just skip forward to the beautiful cloud bits.

The second of our beautiful cloud artists creates clouds of colour. Brice Bischoff takes pictures of swirling mists of colour in the Bronson Caves in Los Angeles. These caves have been the settings of many movies - they've seen explosions, gun fights and even stone age people. These clouds are just as staged - in fact they could be seen as records of performances. They are made by the artist himself dancing covered with brightly coloured paper and captured in long exposure. Bischoff calls the result a "chaotic specter of fictional realities" against the unchanging landscape.

Personally I find the last one the most haunting. It looks like a man on fire - or an angel falling. If you know of any other artists who work with clouds in some way let me know. 

Thanks to Debs and Thomas for this post.


Anonymous said...

I like the two first ones the most, they seem to have the best composition. Very interesting concept.

Welshaims said...

The actual clouds? Yes they are the most beautiful for sure - its so strange to see clouds in a room too