Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I may have slept with Henry VIII!!!

No I don't mean his rotting skeleton was actually in bed with me, but possibly his ghost! This weekend Fiance and I stayed in The George and Pilgrim hotel in Glastonbury. We had the Henry VIII room so named because it is said that Henry VIII stayed in the hotel at the time of the reformation. Coolio. The downside is that the hotel needs a slight overhaul. I'm sure that many of the timbers date back to the 1400's because the hotel sagged and sloped all over the place and made me feel a little sea sick. The spiral staircase trapped all the nasty smells from the kitchen too. But if you overlooked the weird walls which channelled the noise from the television into the bathroom, plus the noises of the people in the room next to us, and the ability to lie in bed and hear the guy in the next room snoring, it was pretty cool. Maybe. Maybe next time I will stay at the Best Western.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Beautiful Leaf chapel in Japan

Looking through one of the books in our new office library "Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture" I came across a beautiful and very unusual wedding chapel.

The Leaf Chapel iin kobuchizwa in Japan floats on the grounds of Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa, a beautiful green setting with views of southern Japanese Alps, Yatsugatuke peaks and Mt. Fuji.

The chapel is formed by two leaves, one glass and one steel. The steel leaf is timed to lift at the moment when the groom lifts the bride’s veil. This exaggerated sentimental gesture is balanced by the breathtaking details of the leaves themselves. The steel leaf, weighing 11 tons, lifts silently in one motion and reveals the natural backdrop. The steel leaf, perforated with 4,700 holes in a floral pattern, creates beautiful natural lighting inside and also glows elegantly at night.

Stunning. Pity it's a little far for me. but you never know...Maybe a little trip to Japan?

The Last Exorcism advert through Chatroulette

Very very clever advertising!! Oh my lord i feel traumatized!
(follow link coz silly cuts off half the video if I post it)

The skanky English pub game

Points awarded for the following British pub finds:

old men wearing funny hats - 10 points per person.
fireplaces - 2 points
at least 8 different beers on offer - 5 points
dogs - 10 points per dog
skanky carpets - 2 points
a busty barmaid - 5 points
only one toilet per sex- 2 points
down an alley - 15 points
suspicious looks from locals - 15 points per stare
regulars not talking but just sitting at the bar - 10 points per man
Slurring random - 20 points per chat.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Sketchbook project

Whilst looking at some fellow bloggers blogs I came across a brilliant art project that anyone in the world can get involved in. It's called the Sketchbook project. This is how it works:

You sign up to the project (it doesn't cost much) and get sent a sketchbook which you must fill with your own work on one of a number of themes. Send it back to the organizers who will arrange them into exhibitions as they travel around the USA. After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.Anyone - from anywhere in the world - can be a part of the project.

kelly L at [Insert Clever Title Here] blog is taking part so good luck to her!

Here's some of last year's entries:

A bloke called Brian tells advertising people what for

Monday, 16 August 2010

Self flagellation of a cat owner

I have to tell you all that I am a horrible horrible person. Why? Because I snipped off a bit of my trusting, docile, sweet-natured cat's skin. Before you report me to the RSPCA please know that I am truly deeply sorry. It was an accident and I really wish I had snipped off my own skin instead.

Poor little Maisie has had such a rough time recently. First she started shaking her head, so the vet gave us ear drops. After three courses of ear drops she looked so pathetic. The head shaking persisted and added to that the drops had made her ears and neck sticky. Then she was left on her own with just a daily visit from my sister while my dad was away for a week. She hates being alone and cries whenever she can't find people.

Then we took her back to the vet who sedated her and examined her ears to find there was a build up of discharge and drops in her ears and she has a middle ear infection. So she had her ears cleaned out. When she got back she looked happier but her fur hadn't been groomed in a while and she looked a bit scraggy (she is a long haired cat - a Ragdoll). SO I decided to groom her and cut out all her fur mattes with scissors. Only I wasn't concentrating and I cut off a piece of her skin!!!

It didn't bleed. I can only assume I cut through a couple of layers but not all. Maisie let out a pitiful little cry but still let me pick her up afterwards. She is so gentle and so sweet. Now every time I think about what I did I involuntarily put my hands over my face. Which I just did in a big meeting in front of my boss.

So Maisie, I'm so so so so sorry. I will never take scissors to you again.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Advertising. The land of the Copycats

In my last agency we had a thing about sending around adverts which have blatantly ripped off another advert/ a director's reel/ a photographer's work. And now, thanks to my French Art director friend sitting opposite me, I have a whole website to indulge this hobby.

Check out the unashamed copying this guy has spotted. It is shocking!!

The message is - Creatives! There's no need to be original! Just buy some old D&AD annuals and watch some ads from other countries and you'll get paid for ripping off other people's ideas! Bargain! Plus you may even win a Bronze Lion at Cannes!!!

Check out the skullduggery of my fellow Creatives at

When Adgirl met Royalty

A year ago I was in a mad shopping frenzy before my holiday. I needed a new bikini so Fiance and I headed to Selfridges and to the upper floor where underwear and swimwear are. Failing to find any bikinis that cost less than £80 I elbowed my way past a girl with long blonde hair and two guys. Suddenly my Fiance grabbed hold of my elbow and swung me into an aisle.

"Do you know who you just elbowed out the way????"


"That was Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy!!!"

"NO WAY!!...Who's that other guy?"

"Dunno, security?"

So what were they like in the flesh? Chelsea has a very snubby nose and her hair was in BAD condition. Harry? Well he just looked pretty normal. He was wearing a padded gillet. Very royal family.

Fiance and I looked around for Special forces police but could see no one hanging around wearing dark glasses and talking into a walkie-talkie like in the movies so we decided to stalk the royal couple from a safe distance. We followed then as they went to into the lingerie section, where they stopped and looked at naughty nipple tassels and giggled.

I would have taken a picture and sold it to heat magazine but I thought that if I tried undercover agents might swoop like something out of The Borne identity. So I resisted.

And that was the day that Adgirl met HRH Prince Harry. The end.

PS: If you guys have any great "bumping into a celebs" stories please let me know!