Monday, 16 August 2010

Self flagellation of a cat owner

I have to tell you all that I am a horrible horrible person. Why? Because I snipped off a bit of my trusting, docile, sweet-natured cat's skin. Before you report me to the RSPCA please know that I am truly deeply sorry. It was an accident and I really wish I had snipped off my own skin instead.

Poor little Maisie has had such a rough time recently. First she started shaking her head, so the vet gave us ear drops. After three courses of ear drops she looked so pathetic. The head shaking persisted and added to that the drops had made her ears and neck sticky. Then she was left on her own with just a daily visit from my sister while my dad was away for a week. She hates being alone and cries whenever she can't find people.

Then we took her back to the vet who sedated her and examined her ears to find there was a build up of discharge and drops in her ears and she has a middle ear infection. So she had her ears cleaned out. When she got back she looked happier but her fur hadn't been groomed in a while and she looked a bit scraggy (she is a long haired cat - a Ragdoll). SO I decided to groom her and cut out all her fur mattes with scissors. Only I wasn't concentrating and I cut off a piece of her skin!!!

It didn't bleed. I can only assume I cut through a couple of layers but not all. Maisie let out a pitiful little cry but still let me pick her up afterwards. She is so gentle and so sweet. Now every time I think about what I did I involuntarily put my hands over my face. Which I just did in a big meeting in front of my boss.

So Maisie, I'm so so so so sorry. I will never take scissors to you again.

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