Friday, 6 August 2010

Advertising. The land of the Copycats

In my last agency we had a thing about sending around adverts which have blatantly ripped off another advert/ a director's reel/ a photographer's work. And now, thanks to my French Art director friend sitting opposite me, I have a whole website to indulge this hobby.

Check out the unashamed copying this guy has spotted. It is shocking!!

The message is - Creatives! There's no need to be original! Just buy some old D&AD annuals and watch some ads from other countries and you'll get paid for ripping off other people's ideas! Bargain! Plus you may even win a Bronze Lion at Cannes!!!

Check out the skullduggery of my fellow Creatives at

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Joyewonder said...

Wow. That's so ridiculous! And here I am thinking you have to be creative in advertising. If you're just going to steal other people's ideas - why don't you just become a film director and make recycled versions of old cartoons? I'm just saying - how difficult is it to be original? Thanks for sharing!

Great blog, btw! ^_^