Monday, 30 July 2012

Welcoming our 12 week old Kittens

We picked up two new members of our family on Sunday - our little Siberians. The breeder named them Monica and Christopher. I think at this moment we might call them Ziggy and Bailey. Ziggy was going to be the little boy but the girl is completely mental and much more like a Ziggy.

Getting two kittens has so far worked out really well. They had each other for comfort on the journey and when they were scared coming into a new house. Now they tear around the house fighting and pouncing on each other rather than going for our feet. They both play, or they both sleep. They do most things together. So far, two is no more work than one, and far more fun.

Monica/Ziggy is smaller and thinner than her brother and has endless enthusiasm for chasing toys.

Christopher/Bailey is quicker to purr, seems more affectionate and is a real explorer - we've nicknamed him Christopher Columbus.

He loves crawling under things, through things and has even been up the chimney. My sister pulled him out looking rather sooty.

What's funny about getting these kittens is so many people have felt the need to warn me that they will wreck my house. They seem to think that I have made the decision to get cats without thinking about it. They speak to me as if I am a naive idiot who expects kittens to be little dolls who do what I tell them to do. Nope. I've had a kitten before - I know the drill. I am aware that my furniture will get scratched. I am aware that they will puke on my carpet. I am ok with that. Really. These things are replaceable and I don't get half so much joy out of them. And to those who have assured me they will shit everywhere, sorry to disappoint you but they are using the litter tray.

It's hard work being so brilliant so here's Monica having another snooze. 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Squashed pets

Grey Group, Singapore did these cute ads for 3M Lint Rollers - aren't they clever and cute? You immediately get the benefit and they make you smile.

BUT who ever gets a brief like this???? I've never been asked to advertise something so random. It's always faster broadband, mobile phones, ebay - big shit. So did 3M Lint rollers really approach Grey or did Grey have a good idea and go to them? Ah well, whatever the case I just wish they were mine.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pigeons are the shizzle

Pigeons. One moment they are diseased flying rats. The next? Well they are taking part in the vermin Olympics and playing Jazz. I just wanna see what the squirrels will do to beat this. 

Vermin Olympics!

Us people. We think the Olympics is all about us. But every 4 years thousands of vermin - squirrels, rats, pigeons also hold torch relays - some which stretch across the globe. Here is one such triumph - captured  by Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle 

Olympic Vermin from Leo Bridle on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Batman - a logo's story

There have been many iterations of Batman - through the comics, the animations, the comedic series and the films. He has owned different bat mobiles, faced different nemesis's, he has been lumbered with dodgy side kicks. This animation shows how every Batman iteration has changed the design of Batman's symbol - something which you might think has stayed constant. Great track too. Thanks to my colleague, the lovely Pauline, for this one.

London College of fashion show off their students

London College of Fashion have produced a music video type film to show case the 2012 work of their students. I think it's very cool and it should act as a wonderful marketing piece for the course. I particularly like the brightly coloured fluffy jumper outfit. Love the music too.

London College of Fashion 2012 from Bunker Design on Vimeo.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Peace One Day

On September 21st every year the United Nations have resolved that there will be an international Day of Peace. The day is the brain child of  Jeremy Gilley, who is supported by Jude Law as well as other celebrity figures such as Angelina Jolie and Annie Lennox. Here is a film documenting the struggles that Gilley has faced in creating and promoting the day. Its an impressive film as well as an emotional one. It's an hour long but its well worth watching. It is particularly inspiring that one man could do so much in a world where people often think that individual voices are powerless.

So far Peace One Day has achieved a day of ceasefire with the Taliban in Afghanistan when children have been immunised, food drops, reunited child soldiers with their families and got people all over the globe to raise money for the peace effort.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Kitten names

So these are my Siberian kittens. They are coming home to live with me on the 29th of July. 

This is my little girl. The breeder named her Monica. I originally wanted two boys - they grow bigger and they are reportedly more friendly. But actually Monica was such a charmer. She was the most happy to sit on my lap and play. Then she totally relaxed when I tickled her. So much so that she gave her first purrs (the Breeder said she hadn't purred yet) and stretched out between my knees, face planted down and fell asleep. She kept rolling about in her sleep like a baby and even had twitchy paws as if she was dreaming about chasing things. Super cute. I just had to pick her. 

This is Chrstopher. He is the boy I wanted. He is actually a blue tabby so a different colour to all the others. Christopher wasn't so bothered about meeting me, but he was a lot calmer than his other brother Cormack who mewed pitifully whenever I picked him up. I hope Christopher will grow into a big cuddly boy and get on well with little Monica. 

The problem is that I am getting used to referring to them as Monica and Christopher. Christopher isn't a  cat name to me and ideally I wanted to name them both myself. I am currently trying to pick new names for them. 

Here are some ideas so far:

Lana (after Lana del rey)
Lyra (from Phillip Pullman's Dark materials trilogy)
Arya (From game of Thrones)

Ziggy (Stardust)
Eddie (after my Great Uncle)
Arthur (of the round table)
Moses (getting all Biblical)

So far I think I'm gonna go for either
Lyra and Ziggy
Arya and Bailey

What do you think?