Monday, 30 July 2012

Welcoming our 12 week old Kittens

We picked up two new members of our family on Sunday - our little Siberians. The breeder named them Monica and Christopher. I think at this moment we might call them Ziggy and Bailey. Ziggy was going to be the little boy but the girl is completely mental and much more like a Ziggy.

Getting two kittens has so far worked out really well. They had each other for comfort on the journey and when they were scared coming into a new house. Now they tear around the house fighting and pouncing on each other rather than going for our feet. They both play, or they both sleep. They do most things together. So far, two is no more work than one, and far more fun.

Monica/Ziggy is smaller and thinner than her brother and has endless enthusiasm for chasing toys.

Christopher/Bailey is quicker to purr, seems more affectionate and is a real explorer - we've nicknamed him Christopher Columbus.

He loves crawling under things, through things and has even been up the chimney. My sister pulled him out looking rather sooty.

What's funny about getting these kittens is so many people have felt the need to warn me that they will wreck my house. They seem to think that I have made the decision to get cats without thinking about it. They speak to me as if I am a naive idiot who expects kittens to be little dolls who do what I tell them to do. Nope. I've had a kitten before - I know the drill. I am aware that my furniture will get scratched. I am aware that they will puke on my carpet. I am ok with that. Really. These things are replaceable and I don't get half so much joy out of them. And to those who have assured me they will shit everywhere, sorry to disappoint you but they are using the litter tray.

It's hard work being so brilliant so here's Monica having another snooze. 


Felicia said...

They are so adorable!! They look really fluffy and soft too. Have fun with the new additions to your family!

Welshaims said...

Thanks Felicia xx

RabbitHearted Girl said...

Cuteness overload! xx

xxyy said...

so cute! xx

Welshaims said...

Thanks RabbitHearted Girl and Alina Anghel!