Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Michel Gondry's cars

For his new film Moon Indigo, based on the French novel Écume des Jours (Froth on the Daydream) by Boris Vian, Michel Gondry has created some really weird looking back-to-front, Frankenstein vintage-looking cars. 

The Citroen GSA

Fiat Uno

Peugeot 205

Peugeot 306

Peugeot 404

Renault 21

Renault 4

Peugeot 104

Renault 18

The story of the film goes like this: Audrey Tautou plays a young wife who falls ill on her honeymoon. A water lilly enters her lung and the only way to cure it is to surround her with fresh flowers, which takes a toll on her husband’s bank account. My friend Thomas who is like, totally French, tells me the water lilly is a symbol for cancer and it is a story of true love. A mouse commits suicide at the end apparently. Ah those Frenchies. 

Thanks to for the pics.

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