Friday, 1 June 2012

Friends in cool places

It's always nice in life to ride out a bit on the success of your friends. I like to boast that I have friends in high places, interesting professions and even slightly famous ones - ones who have their own Wikipedia pages. So it is with great pride that I announce to you all that my friend and advertising college housemate Hollie has made her debut as a music video director!  Here is her video for Bright Light Bright Light's "A New Word to Say". 

Well done Hols. It's pretty cool. 

When I asked Hols about the shoot she said "Well... the main thing was the noise! 3,000 balloons and they kept popping every few seconds. It was a massive factory space so it sounded like gunfire every time. 8 hours into the shoot and we still had tiny heart attacks every time one went off. Except for Rod, our artist, who was cool as a cucumber. That's professional pop stars for you...". 

So there you have a lesson from Hollie. If making a video with that many balloons bring earplugs. 

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