Thursday, 3 March 2011

Alpha, Bravo story

My colleagues are putting on an art show soon and they asked me to write some stories for it. The theme is the alphabet and their angle was the phonetic alphabet - you know: alpha, bravo, charlie etc - the thing you say on the phone when someone doesn't understand your Welsh accent. Anyway the challenge was to write an extremely short story - no more that 150 words using all of the words in the phonetic alphabet once. Here are 2 of mine:

Victor Bravo had been champion Tango dancer. He had also danced the Foxtrot in an Oscar winning movie. Those were the good years. He’d played golf with Mike Tyson, dined on kilos of caviar and romanced rich yankee women with names like Sierra and Delta. But, it was hotel gigs that kept him going. India, Quebec, Lima: he’d danced the world and tried every style, even Zulu! But then he met rich Juliett November. She swept him up in her purfume calling him her “Romeo” and threw out his sparkly uniforms. His love made him her pet, her echo and she could see through him like an x-ray. Her Papa, Charlie contantly belittled him for not being an alpha man. That’s why Victor Bravo had taken to hiding whisky bottles around their home.

Juliette had only known Romeo three days, 2 hours and 37 minutes. But she had dreamt of him since last November. He was an echo in her mind, dancing the tango, the foxtrot with her in the exotic India hotel. And when she finally met him, a Yankee smart in his uniform drinking whiskey with Victor and Mike, she felt as if he saw into her soul, like an x-ray. Born in Delta, Colarado, he had spent that last 5 years in Quebec, Lima and the Sierra mountains and a little place called Papa in Somoa, leading his group. He was a real alpha male, as fierce as a Zulu warrior, yet funny. On their first date they watched a Charlie Chaplin video, she nicknamed him Johnny Bravo and he confessed he played golf merely because he thought he should. They talked about Oscar Wilde and ate a kilo of ice cream. It was then she asked him to marry her.

Fancy a go? I'd love to read other people's so if you do please post them on your blogs and link them here - or just comment them. Thanks!

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