Friday, 14 August 2009

Oscar Wilde's Dorian Grey

Now here is a film I am very excited about. Not only does it look gorgeous and feature one of my favourite actors - the heart tremblingly sexy-cute Colin Firth (aka Mr Darcy), it is also, and more importantly, one of the brilliant works of Oscar Wilde. I adore Oscar Wilde and have done since our glorious reading week in the first year of my English course. The task was to read his entire works and I almost managed it. Granted I may have skimmed some of his verses but hey. A girl needs booze as well as literary delights. And just in case Colin Firth doesn't rock your world Ben Barnes is pretty cute as Dorian too.

Anyway here is the teaser trailer for you to enjoy. Like me.

Dorian Gray Official UK Trailer from Momentum Digital on Vimeo.

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Marina M. said...

Now I'm excited about it too !!!! :)

First, I had no idea this movie was on the making...than I absolutely admire Oscar Wilde, third, MR. DAAAARCY !!! *.*

Ok, I know is Colin Firth, but that's how I knew him too, way before Bridget Jones Diary. Pure class !