Saturday, 1 August 2009

Apology to my naughty Little sister

I thought that my naughty little sister had taken my speakers (meaning when I go home I couldn't listen to Spotify - fate worse than death!) but i was wrong. It was our scatterbrained dad who packed them up with all my kitchen stuff. So I'm sorry. I have learnt, I hope, not to jump to conclusions and to remain calm. Sorry little sister. You were actually being a good little sister. I love you.


Joseph Goebbels said...

Hey there ad girl! ha! Love it, with a capital BRILLIANT! Anyway, come stop by my blog and say hi, we could be friends. Would love to have you comment on my comments on my page!

Welshaims said...

This is a strange post to comment on...really just put it up for my sister as an exercise in self flagellation. But sure. I stopped by your blog and will look forward to your next post.