Monday, 19 April 2010

Something amazing is happening in British Politics

Last week something amazing and historic happened in Britain. No I'm not talking about the volcano, I'm talking about the historic television debate that gave voters the best opportunity to really compare Party leaders that they have ever had. And what happened? A discounted party, a party who haven't ever held power, who were only formed in the 80's, who's leader was mocked as 'unrecognizable' only a few months ago, has emerged as the favourite. Apparently the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, is now as popular as Churchill was before he got elected. Imagine that. At a time when the British people have wrinkled up their noses in disgust at all the expense scandals in Whitehall, this is truly amazing.

And I have been thinking. It really is the right time for the Liberal Democrats. The generation who's first politicalisation was the introduction of tuition fees by Labour, opposed by the Liberals, is now old enough to have had some life experiences, to break free of the constrains of their parents opinions and influences and really think about who they want to vote for. That's my generation. Among my peers the Liberals were always popular. And now Clegg is targeting their votes even more - just as Obama in the US targeted young voters. When I saw obama taking office I knew that Gordon wasn't going to cut the mustard any more - he was old and boring compared to the young-looking President. And Cameron looked like a poor substitute - a privately educated priviledges Tory boy. What we needed was Clegg. Calm, 'let's work together' Clegg.

And now there's a little Twitter campaign too. Of course there is. This is the video they are sending around:

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