Monday, 22 April 2013

30 years old life crisis

Hi guys

I've been away for a while having a 30 years old crisis. Someone pointed out I'm rather young to be having a mid life crisis - so I guess this is more like a 1/3 life crisis.

So what have I done so far as a 30 year old? Well I learnt to drive for one. Then I broke up with my perfectly lovely boyfriend (yes I am insane), signed up to work at Glastonbury (my first time - I don't really do camping) and did some other things that it's best not to mention. One involves finding out someone I loved is actually a wanker. So that was very sad. The latest 1/3 life crisis thing I have done is spend £245 on a pair of shoes. They are REALLY nice. In two weeks I might buy myself a car. Then I will be unstoppable! All I can say is stay away from the roads in Swansea and London!

So here I am, a single, 30 year old driver who sleeps in tents. Craziness.

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