Wednesday, 25 November 2009

World Air Traffic over a 24 hour period

Isn't this cool? And at the same time, kinda worrying when you think about how much greenhouse gasses are being produced. I've just been all the way to the Maldives so despite the fact that I don't own a car, I often walk to work, I don't ever turn on the heating in my flat and I try to turn off lights if I go out of a room, my carbon footprint is probably still huge.


Mr. Apron said...

Wow. You look at this and you're worried about greenhouse gasses?

I worry about all of them crashing into each other.

I guess that's what separates environmentalists from paranoid whackjobs.

Welshaims said...

But then, Mr Apron, I just watched the news in NYC and you guys are still denying that global warming is even happening. I thought it was hilarious when the newsreader announced that it could be a conspiracy from Russia trying to undermine US power.

At the same time yes, them all crashing is a possibility.