Thursday, 19 November 2009

I'm Engaged!

I haven't been blogging for a while because I was on holiday in the Maldives with my boyfriend. And while we were there, we got engaged! I am now a fiancé!

For all those who like a nice romantic story here's how it went.

A week before we went I was being a sneaky girlfriend and snooping at boyfriend's phone. Foolishly. I read one message and it said "I'm planning to propose to her on Wednesday in the Maldives. Of course, she doesn't suspect a thing". Ironic huh? I spent the next week trying in vain to forget what I had read, to try and fool my brain into thinking it was a dream. Needless to say, I failed. I woke up every morning thinking "I'm getting engaged. No I'm not. Shut up, you're ruining it!" (I talk to myself in my head like that).

Anyway we arrived in the Maldives and it was hurricane weather. Rainy, windy, cold. It was forecast for the rest of the week. I was in a foul mood. And as we sat in the shelter of a bar I told boyfriend that I knew. He went a bit mental poor thing. Anyway. I told him that if he thought it would be perfect despite the weather and the fact I knew, to go ahead.

It came to Wednesday, nothing happened. I got depressed. In the end I drank a few pints in the cheesy holiday club and danced to Billie jean until I cheered up. The end I thought.

On Saturday it was our 3 year anniversary. The weather was a little cloudy but warm and not windy. We had a spa treatment booked and before it boyfriend told me not to go in our room because he was making it look nice for me after the treatment. After a wonderful massage we walked out onto the pier where the posh water bungalow rooms are to see the sun setting. Then he got out a key! He had switched our rooms and we were staying in a luxury bungalow on the water!

Inside he had flowers and champagne and a gift. A watch. I was a little puzzled and thought it was just an anniversary gift. But he told me to look closer and there, engraved on the back was "Will you Marry Me?" and the date ( Wednesday's date which was why he was so gutted). I said yes and jumped around the room and called my Dad. He was was very happy and cracked open a bottle of red. Then we went for a meal on a private beach with lanterns and flowers and a private chef (oh and, at one point a cockroach but luckily we got rid of him quickly). It was gorgeous. And I feel very lucky.

Best wishes to you all.

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Nikki S. said...

Congatulations!!!!! (: