Wednesday, 28 October 2009

When Creativity goes too right

A friend of mine created an application. He did it while watching TV. It was funny. He made it available on the web. It went viral. His company tried to take credit. Look what our boy XXX has made. It succeeded. It reached 120,000 visits. Some people tried the application over 600 times in one visit. The company thought they were on to a good thing. Then there was a complaint. On a political website. They website told its readers my friend's name. But strangely they misread his name and thought he was a girl. They looked at the company's website and found one girl. It must be her. They posted up a picture of her. They told their violent readers where they could find her, they encouraged them to find her. Now she is shitting herself. So is my friend. The police called the company. I don't know what they said.

I was going to write a blog celebrating this viral. But now I can't even mention it. So I guess this is a lesson. Say what you want, push things creatively, stretch the boundaries, but always be aware of where it could take you and be ready for the consequences.

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