Monday, 5 October 2009

Winter is here

Dark evenings. Dark mornings. Lack of vitamin D. Shivering.

Well cheer up coz I have some great songs that I stumbled across on Spotify (and some classics) for you to enjoy. It's like me giving you a mix tape! Ahhh those were the days...

Special shout out to The Storys who hail from my home town and played in the little cafe down my road. Oh my god I fell totally in love with the lead singer. Sexy Welsh disheveled man.

winter songs:

If you want to share a track of your own add it to the winter playlist. Lets help cheer each other up! (Thanks To ejane of "Blogblog du jane jane" fame for adding one already.

1 comment:

Marina M. said...

Urghhhh !!! Seasonal depression..I know ! :(

Don't know why but it's true, music does help, maybe it distracts to other thoughts.

Ummm...we need to subscribe it, but I'll find them by the name of the band ! :)

M. xxx