Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Things

This week and the end of last week has been super stressful and lots of horrible things have happened. So I am gonna write about the things that have cheered me up.

1) UP - by Disney Pixar My favourite line of the film was the little dog "I was hiding under your porch because I love you". Brilliant. Although the first 15 mins had me sobbing so loud the whole row at the cinema could hear me. I'm not good with moments like that. I also think its nice to give old people a starring role in a film. I think it promotes respect. I give "Up" a 10 out of 10. I loved it. especially great in 3D at the Imax.

2) My wonderful Dad who is coming down to London to sort out my life and buy me Christmas Pressies from Spitalfields Market this weekend. Ohhhh could I be more excited?

3) I am going to the Maldives in November and even getting a sea plane! I would have been happy in the speed boat but boyfriend is paying.

4) X Factor. Could John and Edward have been funnier on Saturday night? No. They are TV Gold. Their take of Britney Spears's "Oops I did it again" was awful and wonderful in the same breath. Clad in red PVC suits they even did the camp exchange about the necklace in Titanic. Watching them is like watching the teachers in my school in Wales do the Christmas panto. As one of the X Factor judges said; "It's not right but it's ok". They can't sing, they can't dance. They look like they have forgotten the moves most of the time, either that or they just have no rhythm and timing issues. But boy were they the highlight of my Saturday. I enjoyed them even more than my Lamb Rogan Josh and Keema nan.

Unfortunately all the videos on youtube have embedding disabled (wonder why) but here's the link if you want to experience the terrible brilliance of these boys:

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