Wednesday, 16 February 2011

From Detroit

I guess it's a bit late to be talking about Super Bowl adverts. But I just saw this. And I love it.

Now I'm not American. But this advert taps into the same feeling of huge worth and potential that Alicia Keys's New York does. I get emotional and almost awed watching it. I love the pride it conveys about Chrysler's heritage and in Detroit as a whole. Detroit has its problems from what I have heard. Large areas are deserted as the population has rapidly decreased. In fact a survey in 2009 said that 10% of the city's houses were vacant. So I guess the advert has an added sense that the people who stayed in Detroit are believers. They grew up in an area that made cars and cars are in their blood.

It also does a good job of telling you that Chrysler is a quality car made by people who live in a country built for cars and who care about luxury. I'm not American but this advert made me want to be. And what's more. I made me want to buy a Chrysler 200.

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