Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pretty poster project

1200 Posters is a project by a collection of illustrators working around the themes of community, collaboration and conversation. On the 12th of every month for a year, they are releasing a limited-edition print (100) by a different artist.

Check out the site here:

I would imagine they will sell out pretty fast because one of the posters was featured on Emerald Street - the email that Stylist magazine puts out every week. But here's a few of my favourites so far:

"Ask what's possible, not what's wrong. Keep asking." Poster by Catherine Chi. Inspired by: Technicolor, gilded objects, paper ephemera, red lacquer, music halls, torch songs, society portraits, and thrift stores.

"Talk to people you know. Talk to people you don't know. Talk to people you never talk to."Poster by Ole Tillmann. Inspired by: Spongebob Squarepants, Helge Schneider, Palimpsest, what's underneath/inside things, the ocean.

"Treasure curiosity more than certainty." Poster by Lia Marcoux. Not sure what inspires her...

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