Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Devilish fun and ghostly goings on.

Can you feel the chill in the air? It's not winter coming. No. Those of us who are attuned to the spirit world know that it's actually the stirring of the dead. Or as the Americans would say, HALLOWEEN BABY! The chance for us all to get dressed up like complete sluts. YAY!

This year my outfit is going to have to be additionally slutty as I'm going to the famous Torture Garden  (exciting!). The night includes a Voodoo ballroom, a Horror Hospital Slaughterhous, a dungeon with "coffin installation performances", a Japanese Horror Bondage Room, a Haunted Forest Installation and a Satanic Bunker. I think I might freak out actually.

The dress code is pretty strict stipulating no cheap PVC or halloween outfits. Thing is, I'm on a budget. So I am taking out my trusty red boned corset (such a surprisingly useful purchase - thanks crazy ex boyfriend) and teaming it with sequin pants and killer black heels.

This is me in the corset from another year's Halloween (although that year I played it a little safer):

I'll also add a black jewelled necklace and red eye makeup. But I'm a little lost as to what to do with my hair. Being a blonde seems like a real disadvantage at Halloween. We blondes always end up looking cute no matter how hard we try to look goth. This was a real handicap in my goth clubbing days. The dog collar, black platform boots and big jeans were totally cancelled out by the cheerful golden tones on my head. Fail. So in the end maybe I'll just embrace the blonde, curl it and coat it in hair glitter. If I can the patience I'll also do my nails like this:

Even in a corset and hot pants I'll still be playing it safe compared to many at Torture Garden who seem to just bare it all. If you're over 18 (see how responsible I am) check out the costumes from last year's Halloween:

So, as I like 'how to' videos - here's the video that shows how I'll be achieving eyes like this... and possibly horns although I can imagine that gets itchy.

I am a little sad I won't be wearing last year's Halloween outfit again. I was a wolf and the makeup was really fun. Here's a flash back for y'all (sorry been watching too much True Blood).

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