Friday, 30 October 2015

Unicorn does Halloween

The time is nigh for my annual Halloween costume post.

This year I am breaking all the rules and dressing as a Unicorn! Yes, America is rubbing off on me and I am taking their licence to go as something non-scary. In the last two years I've dressed as a black cat, a werewolf and a vampire so I've done my gothic duty.

I trialled this look last week at a drinks party and here is the result:

Makeup will change for the next outing. I have glitter in three colours - pink, gold and silver. I won't be using the green as it stands out too much

And here's my unicorn horn and ears. I created then by shaping tin foil and fastening it to a white headband. Then I wrapped the horn it in plastic tape and used the tape to fasten the ears and horn more securely to the headband. Then I used layers of kitchen roll to paper-mache over the top. Finally I painted it white and gold. I may add some glitter too. 

What I didn't realise is there is actually a whole Underground Unicorn movement. And it's actually led by an Art Director (of course it is). These unicorns are more professional than me(they actually believe that they ARE unicorns so, how can I compare to that) but I will be taking some tips from them on glitter and makeup. 

And of course this is a great excuse to re-watch Charlie the Unicorn. Classic. 


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