Friday, 29 April 2016

Car advertising meets the movies

When I was younger I always used to watch car commercials and wonder why they were so boring. You'd always get a car looking beautiful driving down a long winding mountain road. Sometimes, just to mix things up a little, you'd get it driving through the desert. 

Of course then Honda came along and showed us that car advertising could be so much more. It could be engines flying around animated worlds with catchy songs, or ingenious domino type set ups. Mini has had some good ones too - I really liked their game of hide and seek. 

But how come Hollywood's most beloved car scene never featured: the car chase? Cars in movies are always featured in tense and dramatic scenes where the good guy is chasing the bad guy. It's about time that car manufacturers picked up on this cliched scenes and used it in their advertising. After all, who doesn't want to feel that their car (and their amazing driving skills) could save them if a Bond villain were after them? 

Hello Audi. Their latest ad uses the car chase cliche and undercuts its drama with a normal family in an Audi complaining that our villain hasn't used his indicator. The ad features a chase and punch up with Captain America and Black Panther. I don't care about the film much but the partnership works very well in this ad. Nice one Audi. 

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