Friday, 26 June 2009


I woke up, like most of the world, to the news that Michael Jackson has died of a heart attack. It felt a bit like it did when Diana died. Shocking and surreal. That's the end, that's it. No more new music. No more strange stories. No more court cases. 

When I got to work I found it a little difficult to deal with all the jokes and comments. In my opinion anyone dying is no cause for celebration. Especially not someone who so clearly wasn't at peace with themselves. Personally I thought he was a genius. Ok he was also psychologically disturbed, but he wrote some of the best pop songs ever. Here are my top five:

1)Billy Jean
2)Beat it.
3) Remember the time. (When I was 11 I was in love with him singing this song)
4) Thriller
5) Dangerous


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