Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Second time lucky.

My computer is a gorgeous new apple with black keys and a shimmery silver finish. 
But is it still a load of crap.  
This is the second time I have attempted my post because said computer crashed. I think it is a bit like Megan Fox. Gorgeous on the outside but stupid on the inside. 

Anyways. I am a 26 year old girl working in an advertising agency in London. My job title is "Creative" which makes you feel pretty smug when you tell people after a few pints. You need the few pints to stop it from seeming faintly ridiculous. I am also a Copywriter, so I have no excuse if this blog is very badly written. 

This blog will probably end up being a diary. But I will post links to anything interesting or beautiful that I find and talk about particular bits of work that I particularly like. I will also post up any art work which I have managed to find time to produce. I love to paint, but I work such long hours that finding the time is almost impossible. 


In The Pink said...

If you updated your software on your Apple to 10.5.7 recently, that could be causing your problems. I updated about two weeks ago and now suddenly I am experiencing problems: My finder freezes, and my firewire ports are dead. I keep googling to see when there will be a fix. Nothing yet.

Maybe this is your problem.
Apples are generally problem free so I like to make myself feel better by considering this a side effect of a rebalancing in the universe. Kind of thing.

Welshaims said...

That might be the problem. My computer has just been upgraded but, since it is my work one, it disappears, things get changed and then it comes back. Anyways thanks for the follow. Hopefully I will get to grips with all this v soon!