Thursday, 25 June 2009

A gathering of bacon sandwiches

This morning I woke up, lazily looked at the alarm clock, realized I had forgotten about Creative Breakfast and swore very loudly. I got out of the house in 15 mins and power-walked to work. 

So today's Creative Breakfast was themed around "inspiration". I talked about the new Coke advert: yeah yeah yeah lalala.  How much do I wish that I had had a part in making this advert. It is so cute. And the beauty of it is that it translates to online so well. 

The ad is all about capturing the happiness of drinking coke in the summertime. A man unpacks his piano like instrument filled with little coke creatures. Every time he presses a key it squirts coke into the mouth of a creature making it sing. And you can play his musical instrument yourself online. Try the link below.

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