Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Olympics to be proud of

After the disasterous unveiling of the Olympic Logo for London 2012 Britain has proved that they can at least do something right with this lovely animation for the Vancouver Winter Olympics on the BBC- thanks to RKCR/Y&R.

The spot continues on from the style of the advert for the Beijing Olympics which almost looks like it's an advert for the Gorillaz new single being animated by Jamie Hewlett. So, on the bright side, we may not do Olympic logos well, but we sure as hell can do nice adverts. Or is the difference here that one was commissioned by a creative and savvy BBC, the other by some stupid politician?


Unknown said...

Seriously what is the deal with Olympic mascots? I feel like the last however many have been these amorphous strangely human yet not even close to resembling anything type creatures that are always named something like "Spirit" or "Sportsmanship." I do like how of all the sports they choose to represent they picked Snowboarding, Skiing, and Curling. And ya know what? For as much crap as curling gets. We all watch it. And we are all captivated. Damn Innuit Yetis and their curling!

Justine said...

great post, we seriously need reminding that not all british endeavours go the way of the millenium dome, the olympic logo and the (vat-free!) olympic costings. yay.

Welshaims said...

GO CURLING! Wow Boomka you like a rant don't you? I like the characters myself. It's a fresh style in the land of advertising. And thanks for your comment girl26 loving the little picture you've got.