Sunday, 7 February 2010

Power to the people

For the last few days I have been thinking about social media and whether it's merely a passing fad for all those who are self-obsessed, or whether it's a powerful medium of change which is playing a huge part in society's progression.

On the one hand you have the fact that a lot of work places have simply banned Twitter and Facebook. They don't want their employees getting distracted nor do they want their workers slagging them off or revealing their secrets to the world.

On the other hand you have alot of companies who see it as the most important way of contacting their client base, actually employing people to sit on Twitter all day and pretend they are a meercat. (I'm sorry people but Aleksandr isn't real. He is probably played by a Copywriter).

I'd say that Twitter will not be on everyone's lips after this year is up. Its time will pass. But it will only do so when something better and shinier comes along. For the moment brands had better use it to their full advantage. Using it half heartedly without really understanding its potential or its unwritten rules can be hugely damaging. Who didn't hate Habitat when it spammed us all, even jumping on the back of the Iranian election. I can only forgive them because their plates are so pretty.

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Seattle Kim D said...

You pose a very good question, I'm anxious to see how the industry pans out long term. Which sites will thrive and who will fall into the abyss along with MySpace, Friendster, etc...