Wednesday, 10 February 2010

You've got to fight for this sausage roll!

People, I just want to make this clear: I love Cheryl. What girl doesn't? She cries on X Factor, she stands up to Simon Cowell, she has nice hair and even nicer clothes. Pity about the hubby but hey ho. But who wouldn't want to join this silly group 'Can This Sausage roll get more friends that Cheryl Cole?' . Here's the link:!/pages/can-this-sausage-roll-get-more-fans-than-cheryl-cole/293965221672?ref=nf

Just like the campaign for Rage Against the Machine it is another example of the public getting it own on the pop machine. Whether you agree that someone needs to take people like Cheryl down a peg or to (via sausage roll-dom)or not you have got to admire anyone who sets up such a viral group.

And now they've even got their own anthum, inspired by Cheryl's lovely number one - 'Fight for this Love'. So it's sausage roll versus Cheryl. Who gets your vote?



Seattle Kim D said...

That's so funny! Around here it's been "Can this pickle get more fans than Nickelback."

Welshaims said...

Ahh maybe it was stolen! Ah the best creative ideas generally are - that was the favourite rant of my ex-ad colleagues.