Sunday, 20 June 2010

Greetings from Santa Monica

I have now spent two days in LA relaxing and getting over jet lag before the storm hits.

Anyways I am staying in an amazing hotel and I've spent my days so far thus:

Friday night I flew in, showered then was taken by a LA local to Tommy's. It was dreadful. The place looked like a cross between a car park and McD's before they had the renovations. Actually I'm being harsh - to McD's. It was more like a car park. The multistory really scummy ones. I had a chilli burger and chilli fries. I expected the food to taste delicious - after all why would my LA local recommend it? Nope. The chilli was slapped on like a cow pat and looked like one too. It wasn't even spicy. Bllleeerrghh! Everyone else was very polite about it. But there is nothing I hate worse than crap food. Asked what I thought I told LA local that it was "really bad". Now everyone has given me the reputation of being fussy!!

I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible stomach pains and spent an hour getting it out of my system.

Anyway the next morning the UK crew took me to a local bowling alley for breakfast (Mr D's). I was a little skeptical but it looked like a palace compared to Tommy's. At least the tables weren't made out of pebble-dash concrete. Low and behold my french toast with maple syrup and crispy bacon with potoatos was delicious.

Afterwards I wandered off along Muscle beach and looked at the fit guys working out like Gladiators on the beach gym. Then I sunbathed by the pool until I met up for a spot of shopping down 3rd street promenade. I have a new favourite shop - Anthropology! I can only afford the sale stuff but the materials are sooooo nice!!!

Dinner was at a lovely place that used to be called "Orange" (according to argumentative French copywriter).

Today was very similar but I headed of to the boutiques down main street. I really want a maxi dress. couldn't find the perfect one though. Maybe I'll wait until I go back to the UK.

Anyway tomorrow the work begins and the fun ends. Scary!


Seattle Kim D said...

Glad you're having fun (aren't the dudes at muscle beach hilarious? They take themselves WAY too seriously!) Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels!

Welshaims said...

It seems like being beautiful is a must in LA. I think I'm looking good and then I step out of my hotel room and bump into some girl with huge amounts of perfectly groomed hair, long eyelashes, fake boobs and sky high heels. And then I realise I actually look dumpy and frumpy.