Thursday, 24 June 2010

New experiences in the US of A

I have just ordered Iced Chai Tea Latte. It's my second ever - someone offered me one yday and today I know what to say to the coffee van. I am very excited because I don't like coffee so now I have something that sounds equally complex and looks equally as indulgent. Plus it tastes great.

In fact come to think of it i think I have been making my own version of this drink - I make it when I'm having trouble sleeping and it was my solution to the fact that hot chocolate has caffeine in. First I heat milk, then I add a squeeze of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Other things that I have sampled during my stay include -

The breakfast burrito (a little dirty but not as dirty as the chilli burger by far),
The Billion Dollar Bite (bacon, cheese, tomato, egg in toasted bread - SO GOOD! )
Italian Soda - (refreshing mix of fruit juice and soda water)
Chocolate with sea salt in
Organic mint ice-cream that actually tastes and smells like garden grown mint
The mint Oreo cookie (better than the regular variety as the mint lifts it)

Other weird things that I have noticed or learnt in Santa Monica:

1. avocado is a breakfast food too. In fact avacado can be featured in every meal.
2. Don't ask where the loo is, they won't understand. And don't clarify by saying "toilet" - it's so crass! it's bathroom or restroom.
3. sales assistants ask if they can "open a room" for you. never heard that before.
4. Dogs are better behaved - they are soooo socialised in LA
5. Everyone is better looking than in England - hey you could be a model, hey you too, and the guy carrying equipment on set, and the guy serving you in the food van. Wow.

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