Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sing against the public sector spending cuts

The recent Unison marches in London were partly overshadowed by the violence of the minority. Here's the other side in a video by Nottingham Unison (public sector trade union) featuring the talents and voices of the London branch too. My cousin Leo is the one singing out against the Tories at the beginning. I didn't even know he could sing like that. Go Leo!!!

The plight of the public sector is very close to my own heart as my family mostly work in the public sector. My Mum was a social worker, my dad a teacher, my Aunty and cousin work in Croydon Council in waste management. Also I hail from Swansea, where the local economy is based mainly on money from the public sector. In fact Swansea is such an extremely public sector - orientated place that every time they talk about cuts on the BBC news they mention Swansea.

All I can hope is that the Conservative Party listen to the people. And if not, I hope they get clobbered in the forthcoming local elections.

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