Monday, 10 October 2011

Definition by list - who are you?

Often, when I'm walking by myself, I play games in my head. One of my favourites is called list of me. You are all going to think I'm very sad but list making is one of my most favourite activities. List of me is simple - I list what I'm wearing, where I got it and how much it cost. If it was a gift it counts as free...unless you know the price. But when you think of it a list can define your day too. How many cups of tea you drank, how many times you emailed your partner, how many posts you wrote on your blog. Here's my list of me today. I'd love to read your list of you so please send me one.

Silver and semi precious stone earrings: Christmas present from my Dad from Crundles in Swansea. (counts as free)
Silver Necklace : present from my ex bought in medina in Tunisia.(free)
Platinum and diamond engagement ring: bought by Fiance in Bond Street. (free)
Red bra: present from Fiance from Agent Provocateur in Selfridges (free)
Purple pants: Calvin Klein discount store in Bridgend (£4)
Seven for all mankind jeans: Gilt staff sale in New York. (£30)
Black vest top: hand-me-down from my colleague Krista (free)
Black cardie: from Mango on Oxford Street (£40)
Black trainers: Gola from Bridgend discount store (£12.99)
socks: M&S (a complete guess: £2)
Leather jacket: River island in Swansea (£100)
Total outfit: £188.99

Things I spilt on my jeans today: White wine at lunchtime. Berrocca.
Things I've eaten today: porridge, strawberries, blueberries, honey, squid, prawns, roast potatoes, beef, figs and parma ham, stew, bread, pizza, spinach, egg.
Estate agents emails: 6.
Number of houses I've liked that I've been sent today: 0
Times I've changed my mind about buying house: 3.
Number of houses looked at in Swansea just to see what I could buy if I actually lived there instead of London: 8

Ok ok send me your lists and I promise to read them and comment back.

Love to you all xxx

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