Thursday, 1 December 2011

LA adventures

The best thing about being in LA with work are the restaurants you get to go to.

I've particularly enjoyed them on this visit to Santa Monica and even made it up to Hollywood for a dinner in Soho House Hollywood. Incidentally the only celeb I saw is one of the girls from The Only Way Is Essex. If you are American and reading this it's like The Hills.
Anyway I've eaten a lot of sushi. I've enjoyed Sushi Samba (sashimi to die for), Sushi Roku (swishy) and Hama Sushi (amazing lobster miso).
I ate steak in Boa (just amazing melting meat and the sides..oh my mouth waters) and tuna steak in Shutters (simple and delicious). The pizza I had in Stella Rosa was the yummiest that's ever tickled my tastebuds.

There have been some bum notes. But really Santa Monica is a foodie heaven.

Sunset at Shutters in Santa Monica.

Lobster miso in Hama Sushi in Venice, LA

Soho House Hollywood.

So the only problem is now I am well and truly spoilt. I already have to make my own guacamole in the UK...I don't fancy trying to cook my own Lobster!

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