Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bookshelf tidying - how do you do yours?

My Fiance WIll and I have just moved into a new house. One of the things that Fiance was really looking forward to was having more bookshelf space. In our last flat we had to have a two deep system. The back row were books which were slightly out of favour - including Fiance's Geoffrey Archer's which make me shudder to even look at (yes I'm a book snob). In the new house almost all our books fitted on two sets of built in shelves in the front room. But how to organise them? Fiance and I decided on a strict size order where all books of a certain size were placed together on a shelf and so on to create straight lines wherever possible. I have been to other people's homes (Krista if you are reading this) who have employed a colour system: less straight lines, but pretty like a rainbow. Libraries have to work on an alphabetical system (of course) but I think this is pretty ugly in the house. Eventually, when I actually have bought a chair on which to stand (we have no furniture at the mo)I will reorganise the books again, so that, where possible the books of the same size are also ordered either alphabetically or by colour. Yes, I'm that kind of person. Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering how I managed to hide the Geoffrey Archer novels in my new system, they are in the charity bag.

Oh and here are some book organising animations to please everyone - even those not as anal about bookshelves.

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