Monday, 27 February 2012

Stylish trash and Victorian houses

I'm currently attempting to begin to think about decorating the Victorian house My Fiance and I just bought. The problem is that we are starting from nothing. No couch, no curtains - and just one of those bland but perfectly acceptable cream/beige carpets. To top it off the floor slopes like waves at sea - you get seasick walking from one wall to another. There's no point decorating until I know that these issues are sorted out. In the mean time we can't like with sheets over our windows any longer.

While I am waiting for someone to tell me why my house is wonky I have been looking for smaller items that we are lacking - like waste paper bins. No one seems to give much thought to their waste paper bins. But why shouldn't they be beautiful too?

Here are some gorgeous ones I found.




$450 Williamwayne & co

Quilted bee 475 $70

$49 iron accents

$85 Casperi

$150 william-wayne & co

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