Friday, 10 February 2012

Cravendale and the muppets


There I've said it. Basically anything they do is fine by me. Now they've teamed up with the Cravendale team to make more brilliant Cravendale advertising. I just love the randomness of this! How much would I love to have written scripts for Kermit? Like totally! (sorry been spending a lot of time in LA recently).

The ad is part of Cravendale's sponsorship of the Muppet Movie (good call milk people) in which stickers of the muppets can be collected and stuck onto milk bottles as so.

Brilliant. I would definitely smile every time I opened my fridge if there was a muppet in it. Plus it's a great way of getting children to drink more milk. Healthier bones will be the result - mark my words.

Which ad agency came up with the campaign? Damn it it was Wieden and Kennedy again.
Well those guys work really hard so I have to be pleased for them.

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