Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Things they say in LA

In LA my English-isms are a constant source of amusement for everyone. Occasions when everyone has found me hilarious include:

When I say "herbs" with a h.
When I as HD like "haych dee"
When I say jacket potato (they say baked potato)
When I say he's a minger, that's minging

They also get confused when I ask where the loo is, say "I'm flagging" (tired) and
Nor do they understand "brass monkeys" (cold), chav or townie.

I in return find the things they say funny...

that's rad
bad ass
that's sick (really good)
that's dope (really good)
that's frickin awesome dude
That's retarded (really good)
that melts my face that's so rad
put a period at the end of that sentence
Oh totally - I totally get you, I'm like totally psyched, totally cute, totally, oh you should totally get that, like totes!
Shall I start a room for you? (as in a changing room for the clothes you are buying)

Anyway I will note more as I hear them.

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