Thursday, 1 March 2012

3 Little Pigs: The Guardian and Lynx

Thought this was a very fun and clever advert - a whole mini film in an ad with twists and turns of journalism. I love the way you are led into one emotion and then quickly find you are wrong. It's a bit of a comment on less good newspapers I think. Innocent until proven guilt, morals and standards of investigative journalism.

Watching TV this week I also saw this ad by Lynx to promote their new his and hers body sprays. Again it plays on the news. It was quite interesting to see an ad masquerading as a news report. Fiance and Sister (who is now living with us) seemed unimpressed though.

Here's a question...does anyone over the age of 18 wear bodysprays? Everyone I know wears a deodorant and perfume. No girls that I know wear lynx body spray. What's their demographic?

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